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Feed Time

How can you help?
We need your help to keep this going and growing!
We recently received a text from an Active Duty Army Soldier asking, “Where do you put the money?” so we added this page to the site to provide additional information.
Below is our Current Needs List. Please help with any of the below listed items. Hay & feed are our primary concerns right now!
16 horses eat 2 bags of feed a day. And they will eat all the HAY we can put out!

If you wish to contribute with money, we have a running GoFundMe. You can donate there. Thank you for helping us make this work!

Steve Yant
(901) 553-2007


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Want to help in another way? - Call in and pay store directly - We can pick up!

Buy a bag of feed
Pleasant Grocery,
Moscow TN. 
(901) 877-7932
Wade Millings Senior feed: $12.95 + tax

Tractor Supply(TSC), Somerville TN.
(901) 465-0141
Equine Senior: $19.99 + tax

Hall Feed & Seed
(901) 854-5739
Collierville, TN 38017


Buy a Bale of Hay
Pleasant Grocery, Moscow TN. 
(901) 877-7932
1 square bale, Bermuda $6.00 + tax

Tractor Supply(TSC), Somerville TN.
(901) 465-0141
1 square bale, Bermuda $7.00 + tax


Needs List

1. Hay - Horses are grazing animals. They must have good quality hay!
2. Feed - We have purposely gone after older more chilled out horses for the new riders. Per our vets recommendation, this means they really need to be on a senior feed.
3. Farrier - - Equine’s Feet need trimmed every 6-8 weeks according to some. We have 16 horses at $50 each.
4. Veterinarian Bills (Current $210.00 balance & Future)
5. Feed Bowls (6)
6. Large Water trough
7. Movable fence Panels
8. Gates (5’ Pass thru gates, 10’ gates, 12’ Gates)
9. Salt Blocks
10. Mineral Blocks
11. Fly Spray
12. Wormer
13. Fencing
14. Gravel – Will need dirt work


Horses with Hay 2
Horses with Hay